The OP is based in Tighes Hill, Newcastle NSW.

Rates include travel up to 30kms from the OP’s base. Additional Km’s will be charged at the ATO’s current ‘Rates for Business Kilometers‘ for the applicable vehicle.

Parking, Toll and all other travel expenses (like taxi’s and airfares etc.) will be charged to the Client.

All accommodation provided must be acceptable secure and safe. Where accommodation and related expenses (ie. meals, incidentals) are not provided, the OP shall be reimbursed for the expenses in accordance to ATO TD2021/6.

Travel days will usually incur a half booked fee rate. Any work performed during a travel day will change the status of the travel day to a standard working day. Travel on work days is time-on.

The client is responsible for costs involved in transporting equipment across national borders including carnet, agent fees or similar.

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