In Outside Broadcast

The brand new Newcastle Supercars Circuit has definitely left a big impression. Not only has it put Newcastle firmly on the map for the world to see, it has also shown me and Newcastle what a big Outside Broadcast looks like.

The backend of HD9, with plenty of yellow fibres in use carrying plenty of audio..

With 5 OB trucks, a multitude of grip trucks, a crew list a few pages long, this was a great opportunity to be involved with as a local Outside Broadcast Sound Technician. It was absolutely fabulous and exciting see so much gear and tech in one place for one event.

some of our fluffy furry friends ready to go on the track..

Thanks to the fabulous crew from Gearhouse Broadcast having me for this one. It was great to be representing the local contingency and working in line with all the other dedicated professionals to make this first-off event as smooth as possible, and I am looking forward to hopefully another instalment some time next year.


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