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Subject to OH&S requirements, breaks need to be recognized as an important tool for Fatigue Management.

Unpaid meal breaks shall be more than 30mins, but no more than 60mins. Breaks less than 30mins are counted as crib breaks / time on duty. If the OP is required to continue on duty without a meal or crib break for more than six hours, overtime rates apply thereon until a meal or crib break is given.

Insufficient break between shifts:

If the OP is required to perform work without a break of 11 hours after finishing work, overtime rates apply for all ordinary duty hours worked before the expiration of 11 hours.


The hours of duty will be continuous on any day. Start time and finish time will be in the bandwidth of 7:00am – 7:00pm. Working hrs outside this window will need to be negotiated in advance, as higher rates may apply.

If a day’s working hours are less than booked, the booked / quoted rate will still remain.

Days running over will incur the standard overtime rate in half hour blocks.


Cancellation fees:

  • < 24 hrs:               the full booked rate.
  • 24 – 48 hrs:          50% of the full booked rate.
  • >48 hrs:                admin fee A$ 150 (confirmed bookings only)

Cancellations due to uncontrollable variables such as weather may incur a lower fee, but need to be agreed upon by both parties prior to booking.


The Booking System happens in two stages, Preliminary bookings and Confirmed bookings.

Preliminary Bookings will not guarantee availability until the booking is confirmed by both parties. However, Preliminary Bookings may be cancelled without a fee until 48 hrs prior to the start time.

Preliminary Bookings will automatically become confirmed 48 hours before the written call time unless otherwise informed (cancelled).

Bookings are to be finalized over the phone or via email. After that, you will receive a Booking Confirmation.

Confirmed Bookings can be cancelled but will incur a fee dependent on the time frame.

You can download a Booking Request Form here


A verbal or written booking entails your acceptance of the terms and conditions. Terms cannot be altered unless agreed upon by both parties involved.

  • Consumables (Batteries, Backup or Transfer Media, etc)
  • Multichannel Neverclip ISO recording, Extra Radio Mics, Timecode Sync Boxes, Autocue, Lights, Gimbal
  • External Equipment Hiring will attract a 15% admin fee in addition to costs & transport
  • Other services outside prescribed working hours (media transfers, or running other errands like equipment hire, etc)
  • 3rd party license fees (music, images, etc), online services

(p/hr past booking):      A$ 100 +GST


Week (5 days) and Long Week (7 days straight) packages available. Monthly rates. Please discuss


Until full payment of all fees & invoices, all copyrights for the content provided shall remain with Peter Graf. AVsupport reserves the right to use some of that content for social media and advertising, in a respectful and measured way.

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