Aerial Stills and Video can add significant Production Value to your Product. Is it for Realestate, 360 Scenic Views, Inspections, Photogrammetry or New Perspectives, Drones can add Spice to your B-Roll.


AVsupport is CASA licensed and registered for Commercial Operations, and values safe flying

Using DJI’s latest Remote Controlled Aircraft capable of shooting 4K/50/Cine10Bit, you got the latest in Drone Technology on your Fingertips, for Unrestricted Creativity: Object Tracking, Following, Point-Of-Interest, Cinematic modes, True Vertical shooting, Timelapse, 360 Spheres to name a few.

AVsupport adheres to the Rules and Regulations administrated by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) .

Regulators in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, continental Europe, Australia, and other regions have agreed that drones weighing less than 250 grams (0.55 pounds) are virtually harmless. In a fall or a collision, a sub-250g drone is just not going to cause the same kind of damage as a heavier drone. Since they consider sub-250g drones to pose the lowest risks, they have made them subject to fewer restrictions and requirements than their heavier counterparts.  The 250g limit has become the global regulatory standard for drones that pose a negligible safety risk. – source: DJI

The regulation around flying UAVs is comprehensive, so please ask us about your project, as every scenario is different.

CASA - Drone Safety Rules

In addition to the above, shooting National Parks and Marine Mammals may require additional permits. Drones may not be flown in unsafe circumstances such as Rain or Windy Conditions.

Aerial Videos | Stills | 360.

Newcastle Baths Remedial Works | Newcastle

The iconic Newcastle Ocean Baths are currently under refurbishment. Plus a flyover illustrating work in progress upgrades along Newcastle Beach

Stockton Bridge | Newcastle

this location lies within 5.5km of Newcastle airport and cannot be flown within Standard Operation Conditions.

Warner's Bay Jetty

This compilation showcases a couple of different Intelligent Flight Modes.

Throsby Creek Bridge

This is a truly vertical (portrait mode) 2160×1920 video, including gimbal angle looking upwards +60 degrees

360 'Spherial' - Newcastle Ocean Baths (remedial works in progress)

The ‘Spherial’ was created from multiple HiRes stitched RAW images: 18K original (161MP) downsized to 14,000×7,000px. Becomes an interactive ‘VR-like’ sphere when watched on smartphones. Aerials contain true GPS metadata to be used for posting to Google Maps Streetview

360 'Sphaerial' - Carrington Lookout

HDR tonemapped to preserve dynamic range and create drama in the clouds

The Mini3 Pro comes with the Fly More Combo, including 3 intelligent High Capacity Li-Po batteries, thus extending air time up to a maximum of 3×34=102 minutes.

We have ND and CPL filter sets available for optimal visual performance.


DJI Mini3 Pro is capable of delivering excellent 10Bit 4K/50 Cine video quality and High Resolution RAW stills, which can even be stitched into some truly amazing 360 degree spheres.


Being On Set is a team effort. I like the day to go smoothly. Being proactive and knowing each others needs gets the job done faster and better.

  • AUV Pilot
  • Lighting
  • Sound Recordist
  • Camera Operator


You will will find my Drone rates quite affordable. Why? Because I am using more affordable latest technology equipment in a smart and professional way that can deliver comparable outcomes to expensive top-end cine gear that requires top-tier licences and approvals.  And I pass this saving on to you.  Why? I do this to promote and support our local film industry.


I’m here to build long lasting business relationships to mutual benefit.

I continuously reinvest into latest technology and equipment to offer you the best possible options.

I value OH&S principles and safety in the workplace.

All my production batteries are rechargeable, and there is quite a lot of them 😉

Standard Rates –  Drone (Stills, Video):

  • ADD-ON
    $ask / session
    • (when booked with an Audio- or Video Package)
    • 3 x 34 minutes max Airtime
    • 4K/50p 10Bit Video
    • High Resolution RAW Stills
    • Live Visual Downlink
    • Intelligent Flight Modes
    $ask / session
    • (Standalone Package)
    • 3 x 34 minutes max Airtime
    • 4K/50p 10-Bit Video
    • High Resolution RAW stills
    • Live Visual Downlink
    • Intelligent Flight Modes
    • Selection, basic Colour Grading & JPG conversion, basic Video Edit, Upload to cloud based client area
    • 1 month data Backups
Please refer to Terms and Conditions for more details. Extras (additional Edit / Post Production charges) may apply.

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