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Please get in contact with me for Sound Recordist, WebVideo & B-Roll, and Drone standard pricing.

For all service charges that include an equipment component (excluding: edit), the equipment component will we charged in day rates (weekly rates apply).

The OP reserves the right to regularly review and adjust the rates in accordance with industry standards and inflation. Please ensure the rates are current when making an inquiry / booking.



Week (5 days) and Long Week (7 days straight) packages available. Monthly rates. Please discuss


(p/hr past booking):      A$ 100 +GST

  • Consumables (Batteries, Backup or Transfer Media, etc)
  • Multichannel Neverclip ISO recording, Extra Radio Mics, Timecode Sync Boxes, Autocue, Lights, Gimbal
  • External Equipment Hiring will attract a 15% admin fee in addition to costs & transport
  • Other services outside prescribed working hours (media transfers, or running other errands like equipment hire, etc)
  • 3rd party license fees (music, images, etc), online services

A verbal or written booking entails your acceptance of the terms and conditions. Terms cannot be altered unless agreed upon by both parties involved.


The Booking System happens in two stages, Preliminary bookings and Confirmed bookings.

Preliminary Bookings will not guarantee availability until the booking is confirmed by both parties. However, Preliminary Bookings may be cancelled without a fee until 48 hrs prior to the start time.

Preliminary Bookings will automatically become confirmed 48 hours before the written call time unless otherwise informed (cancelled).

Bookings are to be finalized over the phone or via email. After that, you will receive a Booking Confirmation.

Confirmed Bookings can be cancelled but will incur a fee dependent on the time frame.

You can download a Booking Request Form here


Cancellation fees:

  • < 24 hrs:               the full booked rate.
  • 24 – 48 hrs:          50% of the full booked rate.
  • >48 hrs:                admin fee A$ 150 (confirmed bookings only)

Cancellations due to uncontrollable variables such as weather may incur a lower fee, but need to be agreed upon by both parties prior to booking.


The hours of duty will be continuous on any day. Start time and finish time will be in the bandwidth of 7:00am – 7:00pm. Working hrs outside this window will need to be negotiated in advance, as higher rates may apply.

If a day’s working hours are less than booked, the booked / quoted rate will still remain.

Days running over will incur the standard overtime rate in half hour blocks.


Subject to OH&S requirements, breaks need to be recognized as an important tool for Fatigue Management.

Unpaid meal breaks shall be more than 30mins, but no more than 60mins. Breaks less than 30mins are counted as crib breaks / time on duty. If the OP is required to continue on duty without a meal or crib break for more than six hours, overtime rates apply thereon until a meal or crib break is given.

Insufficient break between shifts:

If the OP is required to perform work without a break of 11 hours after finishing work, overtime rates apply for all ordinary duty hours worked before the expiration of 11 hours.


The OP is based in Tighes Hill, Newcastle NSW.

Rates include travel up to 30kms from the OP’s base. Additional Km’s will be charged at the ATO’s current ‘Rates for Business Kilometers‘ for the applicable vehicle.

Parking, Toll and all other travel expenses (like taxi’s and airfares etc.) will be charged to the Client.

All accommodation provided must be acceptable secure and safe. Where accommodation and related expenses (ie. meals, incidentals) are not provided, the OP shall be reimbursed for the expenses in accordance to ATO TD2021/6.

Travel days will usually incur a half booked fee rate. Any work performed during a travel day will change the status of the travel day to a standard working day. Travel on work days is time-on.

The client is responsible for costs involved in transporting equipment across national borders including carnet, agent fees or similar.


Working in any dangerous or damaging environments must be notified and managed prior to both parties’ satisfaction. The OP has a duty of care for itself and its colleagues and must be informed of all possible dangers on set. Especially working in remote locations needs to be discussed prior to the booking.


AVsupports equipment is maintained to a professional standard.

The OP will provide the most suitable equipment that is seen to be needed per job. The scope of the job, and any special requests or extras must be discussed prior to the production. E.g. Multichannel Recording, Multicamera, Slates, extra wireless, wireless camera hop…

The client accepts responsibility for any damages to equipment that is handled by or mounted on other people or equipment, ie. radio mics, wireless camera links, agency feed etc.

OH&S, Manual Handling & Fatigue Management

Even though the OP is trained in OH&S standards, Manual Handling techniques & Fatigue Management, it is up to the Client to conform with and proactively support these industry standards to provide a safe and sustainable workplace. The OP reserves the right to object to requests considered unsafe or unsustainable for that matter.


Payments are to be made within 14 days in Australian dollars.

Late payments in excess of 4 weeks may result in AVsupport having to mitigate finance cost to 3rd party ‘Payday’ lenders in accordance with ASIC’s website under the following conditions which shall be passed on in full to the invoice recipient:

Establishing Fee and Charges (one-off): 20% of invoice total, plus a 4% monthly fee, charged in monthly intervals. Enforcement expenses as required.


AVsupports equipment is maintained to a professional standard; However unforeseen defects can occur, and we will do our upmost to correct the issue within reason. In the unlikely event of equipment failure and where this would have adversely affected the production, a discount may be applicable. However, the OP will not incur costs or be liable for any damages or reimbursements exceeding the rates charged for the faulty equipment.

The OP will not be liable for shortcomings in expected sound quality due to noisy environments, bad acoustics or other electrical or radio frequency related issues encountered on set.

The OP cannot be held accountable for shortcomings of or any costs related to the hiring of equipment on behalf of the client.



Equipment that is required to be left in unsecured areas due to the production must be covered by the client.

The client is liable for equipment in transit including air travel and must carry its own adequate insurance.


If your next production falls within 4 weeks of the previous, you might be eligible for a Loyalty Bonus, in form of Reduced Equipment Component day rates, pending:

  • All your previous invoices must be paid in full, within 14 days of issue
  • Only comparable equipment component day rates that were part of the previous production can be discounted
  • Previously included free-of-charge extras do not count towards the equipment component
  • AVsupport may choose to offer a Loyalty Bonus to customers, as indicated in the invoice.

STANDARD AUDIO KIT: Mixer, Boom, Shotgun Mic, 2 Radio Mics with lapels, camera loom XLR, 1 Operator Headphone

STANDARD VIDEO KIT: Camera, Tripod, Set of lenses (10-18mm/f4,50mm/f1.8, 18-105/f4), batteries, camera mic

STANDARD DRONE KIT: Drone, 3x LiPO Batteries (approx 3x 15mins flight time), Controller, Video Downlink


Until full payment of all fees & invoices, all copyrights for the content provided shall remain with Peter Graf. AVsupport reserves the right to use some of that content for social media and advertising, in a respectful and measured way.

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