With over 25 years of experience as a professional On-Location Production & News/CAFF Sound Recordist and Sports/News Audio Director, your sound is covered.

AVsupport provides a Metropolitan Level of Service for Newcastle and the Hunter.

This includes industry leading 24Bit Multichannel Mixer / Recorder with Timecode, and top quality Boom & Radio Mics


Where a discerning Client demands the upmost Quality and Attention, only an experienced Industry Specialist can deliver On Set with the confidence you need.

In most cases, engaging a dedicated Sound Recordist for your Project can actually save you,  money and time. Having sync sound. Uncompressed ‘RAW’ multitracks for post. More flexibility having multiple talents on wirless.

Quality wireless Camera links with ‘program’ buzz track and Timecode in complex multi-camera productions will not only speed up the production on set, but get you through the edit faster and with better results when you’re on a tight deadline.

No time or data wasted on recording Clapper and syncing sound.

Less cables on Set mean a safer workplace and a less restricted Camera movements.

Audio Gear


24Bit Multichannel Mixer / Recorder with Neverclip™ technology: allows an unprecedented ‘RAW’ dynamic range to be encoded into the 24Bit signal of the individual tracks.  These can be recorded uncompressed with extra headroom, with no fear of distortion or limiting, and without adding any noise in post when the audio is mixed to program level. Features Automix capability for better live multitrack handling. Built-In Timecode Reader / Generator and daylight readable Clapper display


This top of legal limit 100mW power Digital Hybrid is regarded as the Workhorse of the Industry Professionals. This Dual Diversity System can give you 2 Talent radio mics or wireless line feeds like a PA split or presser feed. Together with 2x Sanken COS-11 lapel mics for uncompromizing sound quality


The Sennheiser 8060 is the most recent re-innovation of the legendary 416. It’s modular, shorter, has a more even directionality across all frequencies, better noise and S/N ratios. On a carbonfibre Ambient boompole that will do most situations nicely .


This Wideband Wireless System not only provides high quality transmission, but is also more robust against spectrum loss due to the Digital Dividend. Can be used as 3rd Talent mic with MKE-2 lapel


The Deity Connect DUO-RX is a lightweight yet powerful receiver with a quad Antenna setup providing Twin True Diversity antenna arrays and transmitter remote control functions. Will communicate with the paired transmitters. Various audio output configurations. Internally powered. 


Deity Connect TRX’s are latest technology agile wireless units that can be used as transmitters or receivers with Timecode and onboard 24Bit recording. These can be used with lapels (TX & Rec), IFB’s, Sync Box or Camera Hop (TC & Audio, BNC & XLR or 3.5mm, for up to 4 cameras) 

RODE Wireless GO II

This latest ultra-compact dual channel wireless microphone system is a breeze to set up with any ILCE. Optional on-board recording for ease of mind. USB-C and iOS digital output for universal compatibility with cameras, mobile devices and computers.


The Deity Connect HD-TX is a ‘buttplug’-style Transmitter/24-Bit Recorder, with P48V Phantom power for professional microphones or Handmics with XLR inputs. Mic/Line, a 3.5mm lockable input is available for lapels or other sources. A Headphone jack with independent level control and ~10hrs at 100mW makes this ideal for independent wireless boom operators.

There is a variety of configurations, accessories, backup recorders, microphones etc, that are too many to mention. Please ask.


Sound Recording for Film and TV has been my profession for over 20 years. I have worked for Realestate, Lifestyle Programs, Gardening and Science shows, News and Current Affair. I have seen and heard a few things.


Being On Set is a team effort. I like the day to go smoothly. Being proactive and knowing each others needs gets the job done faster and better.

  • B-Roll.
  • Lighting
  • Camera Assist
  • Drone Operator
  • Set Design
  • OH&S Warden


Whilst this gear is equal to what you can find in the big smoke, you will find my rates quite affordable. In fact, most elements are cheaper than a metropolitan service charge. My rates haven’t changed in the last few years, whilst everything else has gone up. Why? I do this to promote and support our local film industry.


I’m here to build long lasting business relationships to mutual benefit.

I continuously reinvest into latest technology and equipment to offer you the best possible options.

I value OH&S principles and safety in the workplace.

All my production batteries are rechargeable, and there is quite a lot of them 😉

Standard Rates / ENG EFP Audio:

    $ask 4 hrs
    • standard gear:
    • Mixer
    • 24Bit Multichannel Recorder
    • 2x Lectros
    • Boom Mic
    $ask 8 hrs
    • standard gear:
    • Mixer
    • 24Bit Multichannel Recorder
    • 2x Lectros
    • Boom
    $ask 10 hrs
    • standard gear:
    • Mixer
    • 24Bit Multichannel Recorder
    • 2x Lectros
    • Boom
Please refer to Terms and Conditions for more details. Extras (equipment component) will be charged in day rates.

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