During my 22 years of experience as a professional On-Location Sound Recordist, I have created a variety of programs with a great number of DOP’s, from all of which I have learned workflows and assimilated shooting styles.

I am trained as an ABC News CAFF Broadcast Cameraman on professional equipment, and can offer this level of service and expertise.

Is it B-Roll, Specialist ‘Steadicam’ Gimbal work or Webvideos, I cater for a range of  production requirements.


Digital Cinema FullFrame 4K Sony Mirrorless Camera Equipment can produce a similar look and feel as many Flagship Cine Cameras, at a Fraction of the Size, Cost and Visual Impact On Location

Sometimes, Speed of Delivery, Effectiveness and Cost Control is of the upmost importance. Sometimes, this can mean to have another camera team on set, or to simply send an experienced One-Man-Band out to cover an Event while you’re busy doing other things. Or, you just want to deal with one person to take your hand from start to finish.

In most cases, I can probably help you get your project finished quicker, faster. A variety of fast quality prime and workhorse zoom and super wide angle stabilized lenses give you plenty of options for a range of styles and situations. Choice of top quality sound gear and ancilliary equipment, all promoting production efficiency and creating options.

Video Gear

NEW! SONY A7III  Digital Cinema FullFrame 4K

Voted ‘Camera of the Year 2018’ (DPReview), the A7III packs a 6K equivalent from a FullFrame image sensor downsampled into 4K without pixel binning. Full Frame sensor size equals industry leading Sony Venice, Canon C700, Arri Alexa LF and RED Monstro Digital Cine cameras, and can thus deliver a similar look and feel.

A bigger sensor means more light, better sharpness and a shallower ‘filmic’ depth of field. Can be used in Super35 Mode which effectively extends the reach of any lens by x1.5 in full resolution.
In Body Stabilization, touch screen focus, Face detect and other shooting tools like High Frame Rate (HFR), Cine and SLOG High Dynamic Range (HDR) options, paired with a user friendly and efficient XAVC-S codec.


The award winning fluid Video head features breakthrough Nitrogen piston technology to achieve fully continuous variable counterbalance from 0-8 kgs.
It uses a quick release system and adjustable long centre column for faster setup and adjustment speed. Whilst keeping size and weight to a minimum, the 755XB legs allow for a wide range of height setups and flexiblity in ackward terrain

SONY A6300  SUPER35mm 4K

The Super35mm image sensor size provides en par ‘Cine-style’ shallow depth-of-field with a most market leading video cameras, whilst providing outstanding low light capabilities. 4K from a 6K/24MP sensor without pixel binning.
Ideal A7iii matching companion when a wide shot or second locked off angle is required. Doubles as separate dedicated stills kit.

SONY 50mm  f1.8 OSS PRIME

This stabilized fast Prime with a 75mm-FF-equivalent is the ideal Portrait lens, providing beautiful soft background bokeh and subject sharpness combined with excellent AF speed


Whether you have to deliver an exact script or like keywords to guide your delivery, an Autocue system is the professional tool to use for your longer pieces to camera. This allows even often nervous talent unfamiliar with the television production process to deliver in a natural, professional and relaxed manner with minimal training, whilst you minimize nasty ‘content’ surprises in the edit.

NEW! SONY FE24-240  f3.5-6.3 OSS SUPER ZOOM

This stabilized ‘All-in-One’ with its huge 10x Zoom Lens can handle everything from landscapes and everyday portraits to sports and action scenes.
This is a very sharp lens designed for E-mount Full Frame, translating into 36-360mm equivalent on an APS-C body.

NEW! TAMRON 28-75  f2.8 Di III RXD

Lens of the Year 2018 (DPreview), the fast and versatile FullFrame Zoom is the A7iii’s Workhorse as it surprises with Macro-like capabilities opening up shooting opportunities. Acts as a  42-112mm in APSC mode.


With an ideal size for on-camera and gimbal operations, this superflat 4K-capable production monitor with swipe-OS provides a super sharp image and multiple production tools overlays, like focus peaking and false colours, and custom LUT support.

SONY 18-105  f4 OSS G-Master

This stabilized Sony flagship G-Master Power Zoom APSC lens delivers a versatile 28-160mm (FF-equivalent) 6x zoom range with constant aperture – This lens is also known as the kit lens of the professional cine camera PXW-FS5, and will get most jobs done


This recent release flagship LED features 888 high efficiency LEDs, with an outstanding color rendering index. Whilst being compact and robust, the Amaran packs an amazing equivalent of 600W @0.5m high lumen output. It can be fully remote controlled, and adjusted for an exceptional wide range of 2300-6800K without causing any color shift issues. Can be battery or mains powered. Comes with soft box.


Outstanding sharpness and speed that can produce a very shallow Depth of Field and pleasant Bokeh that is difficult to achieve on smaller Sensor cameras


Accessory of the Year 2018 (DPReview), the single handed 3-axis stabilizer can easily cope with larger payloads. Quick release camera, monitor and additional handle, which doubles as a stabilizer arm/vest attachment mount where extended periods of operation are required. Additional mounting options for radio mics etc. Fast AutoCalibration. Can be remotely controlled and customized. Panorama automation. Spheres. Timelapse. MotionLapse. Zoom Remote. 


This stabilized constant f4 Super-Wide provides fast & agile focussing whilst refined optical performance reduces distortion. Goto lens for Gimbal work, interior realestate shoots, epic landscape wide shots. This APSC lens can be used from 12mm on the A7iii


This versatile fully digital 2.4GHz base radio mic system is the goto solution for the A6300, allowing for use with a P48V powered boom mic to create a ‘wireless boom’ where cables are undesireable, and setup speed is vital. Alternative use with a dedicated lapel mic for interviews or pieces to camera.
The transmitter further features a headphone output for boom operator’s monitoring. Low latency and easy setup.


This Aputure Fresnel LED light was released most recently. Ideal Shaping / Backlight / Hairlight / Splashlight / Accent Light. Can be Camera-mounted. Very Cool 7500K ‘Ice’ Light, with optional filters, variable flood-spot 20-80 degrees, dimmable. High output 10000 LUX in 1m (full spot). Multiple power options, including USB. >96 CRI.

There is a variety of accessories, backup recorders, microphones, stands, that are too many to mention. Most importantly, this kit will do most jobs, and offer redundancies to cope with the unexpected.


I have been working with various DOP’s in the Film and TV industry as a Sound Recordist for over 20 years, including a number of years as a ABC News Cameraman. I have worked for Realestate, Lifestyle Programs, Gardening and Science shows, News and Current Affair. I have seen and heard a few things.


Being On Set is a team effort. I like the day to go smoothly. Being proactive and knowing each others needs gets the job done faster and better.

  • B-Roll.
  • Lighting
  • Sound Recording
  • Camera Assist
  • Drone Operator
  • Set Design
  • OH&S Warden


Interestingly, you will will probably find my Video rates quite affordable, in fact cheaper than my Pro Audio packages. Why? Because I am using more affordable equipment in a smart and professional way that can deliver comparable outcomes to expensive cine gear.  And I pass this saving on to you. My rates haven’t changed in the last few years, whilst everything else has gone up. Why? I do this to promote and support our local film industry.


I’m here to build long lasting business relationships to mutual benefit.

I continuously reinvest into latest technology and equipment to offer you the best possible options.

I value OH&S principles and safety in the workplace.

All my production batteries are rechargeable, and there is quite a lot of them 😉

Standard Rates –  Video (SPC, Web, B-roll):

    $ask 4 hrs
    • standard gear:
    • Camera
    • Tripod
    • Lens Kit
    • on-Camera Sound
    $ask 8 hrs
    • standard gear:
    • Camera
    • Tripod
    • Lens Kit
    • on-Camera Sound
    $ask 10 hrs
    • standard gear:
    • Camera
    • Tripod
    • Lens Kit
    • on-Camera Sound
Please refer to Terms and Conditions for more details. Extras (equipment component) will be charged in day rates.

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