Over 20 years experience in the Film and TV industry, as Sound Recordist and Camera Operator.


Supporting the local Film Industry with reasonable rates to build a sustainable future for all of us.


I am used to deliver reliable results, either as a One-Man-Band or as part as a team.

On-Location ENG-EFP Sound Recording

with Metropolitan Service Location Audio with Zaxcom MAXX 24-Bit Neverclip Multichannel Mixer Recorder with Timecode, Lectrosonics Radio Mics, Wireless Camera Links with TC, your Sound is covered.

B-Roll Video Production

Stand-Alone B-Roll or SPC Operator, with FullFrame 35mm 4K camera, tripod, lenses, radio lapel or boom mic, 3-axis stabilized gimbal, LED lights, Autocue, GreenScreen. Enough to cover your extras when you’re busy.

Drone Aerials

CASA registered for Commercial operations, add some 4K DJI M3P cine magic to your B-roll without having to bring in another person.


A Wide Range of Services and a Loyalty Program for Repeat Customers means more Options and Cost Savings for your Production

As a Business, I understand Business. I want to Support Sustainable Relationships so that we can grow as a Creative Industry.

I can do many things, but I also know my limitations. If your production needs exceed my comfortable expertise and capacity, I will let you know.

What Others Say About AVsupport

Feedback from Film- and Television Industry Specialists

  • "Peter Graf is a serious asset on any set. His knowledge of not only sound but the whole production process keeps things rolling. (and he’s a fun guy to have around)"

    Peter McMurray Owner | Lumina Visual
  • "Peter is a bubbly, charming man with a wealth of experience in the industry. He is always on top of the latest technology and we hire him with confidence that our audio will be recorded cleanly without issue. He is also a team player and happy to help out on small crews while knowing his place and protocols on larger productions. For your on-set audio needs, Pete's the man."

    Olivia Olley Producer | Good Eye Deer
  • "I have found Peter to be reliable and enthusiastic while adding value in his approach and technique."

    Reinhold Habeler Director | Concept Creative
  • "Peter, excellent stuff from Newcastle...simple, steady, professional, ob-brief - really pleased."

    Will Hanrahan Producer |
  • "His colleagues describe him as an excellent problem solver who keeps abreast of new and emerging technologies. Peter is a good communicator, always willing to participate in discussions and make suggestions. He is a good team player, very cooperative and proactive."

    Performance Appraisal 2012 ABC TV | Multiskilled Operator


Production is team work. Since I have experience with various roles in a production environment, I can empathise, support and assist other crew members and perhaps offer insights, highlight potential efficiencies or alternatives as an effective team player without compromising my duties.

AVsupport. Contact me to discuss your project.

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