AVsupport is a small business located in Newcastle / NSW, owned and operated by Peter Graf.

Peter has over 24 years of in-depth Film & Television Industry experience having worked as a ENG / EFP Sound Recordist, Studio and Outside Broadcast Audio Director, and SPC News & CAFF Cameraman on a daily basis for major broadcasters like Channel 9 and the ABC.

Since moving to Newcastle a few years ago, Peter has decided to offer a variety of services as a ‘One-Man-Band’ Freelancer to cater for a range of Clients:

For Outside Broadcasters

For Film & Video Production Houses and Agencies

For Small Businesses and Corporate Clients

For Realestate Agents, Property Management 

Services include, but are not limited to:

Outside Broadcast Sound Technician, 

On-Location Sound Recordist, ENG/EFP/Production

Webvideo Production, B-Roll Video Production, Camera Operator

Video Editing

Aerial Stills & Video, CASA approved commercial operations

Why and When AVsupport? :

Value. Experience. Efficiency. Resourcefulness.

AVsupport has hardly any overheads: You don’t pay for a landmark office in town, production vehicle, there is no Secretary or Production Assistant or Editor to pay wages to. You don’t pay for the time when people sit around and drink coffee or check their facebook. You pay the hours worked on your job, fair and simple.

AVsupport regularly reinvests in new cutting edge technologies and smart affordable tools of trade that can for most parts achieve comparable results to expensive professional ‘prestige cine’ cameras and accessories. Now you too can get ‘Steadycam’, ‘4K’ and ‘Drone’ looks, and cutting edge wireless audio technology without paying substantial amounts for camera equipment rental, and only as you need it. I am a part-geek part-creative hybrid


Often the setup is faster, streamlined and yet more flexible, resulting in a more efficient workflow that can remove requirements for a variety of Assistants and extra Crew on set, thus minimizing the production costs. Need a drone? I bring one. No need to ring another person.

Having tricky requirements?

Sometimes running into a unexpected ‘sticky situation’ on set can be a major money burner. AVsupport has worked in the industry for over 20 years in vastly different environments and circumstances, absorbing information from different industry specialists. I can help anticipate, pre-empt and avoid follow-on issues and suggest viable alternatives and workflows to help make the unknown go as smooth as possible, so that there are no unwanted surprises.

Unsure how it’s gonna turn out?

I can make the workflow transparent and offer guideance through the process, so you know how and why things will work, even if you might not be familiar with the production process. This minimizes stress and confusion, and adds to efficiency, factual correctness and productivity, so you can focus on your other things. It also helps you to avoid hidden charges elsewhere or surprises about exclusions.

– Make your production go further.

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